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Véronique et Didier (France)

We really liked our trip because it took us out of the beaten tracks. We discovered the real face of Thailand through the wonderful landscapes of Pai, and also its traditional and authentic cuisine, prepared with organic and locally produced fresh ingredients. Damien and Lyse are passionate about permaculture and love to share their passion and products with their hosts. We are also organic lovers, and grow our own vegetable garden at home, which made us feel a strong connexion to Damien and Lyse’s work on agro ecology. Their love for Thailand’s way of life was very palpable and honest, and it was a pleasure to discover it with them. We strongly recommend Pai Seedlings Foundation, its activities and its host: you will love their smiles and their kids!”


Suu Ann (Malaysia)

Have known Damien for more than 10 years now, and have always admired his strong beliefs in making the world a better place! I strongly believe in Damien, Lyse and their two sons and the Pai Seedlings Foundation created to achieve their goals in Natural Agriculture and Land Sharing! What an inspiring work you have done here!


Natkamol (Thailand)

Good ideas. It is give the good things to another people. I love it


Miriam Moras

It’s beautiful to see the passion in people to start so needed initiatives!


Gerhard Veer (Germany)

I met a Thai-guy in Pai selling products of “PAI SEEDLINGS FOUNDATION” in the night market and we talked about that exemplary project – so after coming home I made contact with the founder “Damien” from France and got some more information. As I was a geography/biology-teacher and one of the MAIN aspects always were ecology and sustainable farming I know HOW IMPORTANT it is to support people who are working on that topic !!!
Specially in humid and semihumid tropical zones with their poor capacity of plant nutrients-storage and even in mountain regions with strong soil erosion PERMACULTURES MUST BE BOOSTED !!! This is the cultivation of perennial crops, which avoid the regular exposure of the soil after harvest and thus prevent or at least greatly reduce erosion by water in the rainy and wind in the dry season …




Joseph Grant (Australia)

This is the beginning of something really special. An adventure into a holistic and sustainable way of living with lots of eco lessons along the way. Damien and Lyse are a very special couple and I cant wait to return to learn more with them.


Kris (Thailand)

What do I think of Pai Seedlings Foundation? It is hard to describe, so I will start with the land. Beautiful, raw, natural surroundings that is locked in by the mountains. Being there makes me feel calm, grounded and at peace, like time stands still. Damien and Lyse are amazing, quickly turning tired intensively farmed soil into a permaculturized paradise. I can not wait to go back to visit and learn more amazing farming techniques, tips and tricks. A very enriching experience as I can educate myself, get back to nature and support the local community all at the same time.



Millenium Foundation (Chiang Mai)

Charity for help education and social development. Create a positive image for the country to foreigner. Promotion of public and private sector. All kind for helping volunteer project.

Léa Nature (France)

LÉA NATURE has been committed to biodiversity for the past 25 years, and has donated 6.7 million Euros to fund 770 environmental projects since 2007.

The company also received the Ecocert Biodiversity Commitment Award* in 2016 (for our Périgny, France headquarters in a thriving environment!)

Respecting nature, mankind, and all forms of life through natural and organic products that are good, safe, and GMO-free; reshoring; guaranteeing traceability and the absence of toxic products; ensuring an ecological approach to development;  waste management; choosing sustainable energies and materials; ensuring the future is better for younger generations through a green economy.

Feeling involved in the corporate vision; acting by conviction; adding personal expertise;  developing a spirit of participation;  being passionate; being an inspired and inspiring manager; sharing with co-workers; upholding and promoting corporate social responsibility objectives.


Putting the team before the individual; creating a supportive, conducive and collaborative environment.