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  1. Become less dependent on polluting sources of energy.
  2. Increase our resilience.
  3. Develop technology suitable for rural life in developing countrysides and make them more commonly used.



What are Low-Techs ?

Low-techs stand for low technology. They are technological tools that require a minimum input, are usually low cost, focus on renewable energies, rely on low energy consumption and should be easy to build with local and easy to source materials. These are primordial criteria to make them easily available, and to promote their usage with an open-source mindset.


Examples of low techs:

Natural Building

Natural constructions (bamboo, adobe) are easy to build, comfortable, low energy, and cheap ways to build your house!
Come see our beautiful home we build by hand!


Biochar is an easy way to transform dead biomass into soil fertility!

Solar Dehydrator

A great way to dry, save and store your fruits and vegetables, using no electricity!

Future Projects?

The solar dehydrator was our first low-tech project in 2018. There are many more we’d like to develop in the future, particularly to equip the farm and start the farm-stay to accommodate volunteers.

We would love to welcome volunteers with knowledge, skills and experience to help us and eventually organize workshops to develop these low-techs and spread the good work.

Please feel free to contact us if you want to start a project with us!

Our dream is to start a plastic recycling project in Pai to tackle the major issue of landfills. Low Tech solutions exist (Precious Plastic, ByFusion), and we have started to look into them with Joshua Campbell from Taiwan whose has come up with a proof of concept and is willing to help us spread the technology. Stay tuned for results!

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