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This is a project in collaboration with many actors in northern Thailand to provide solutions to the smoke pollution caused by agricultural-burning practices across Thailand.

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You can make a direct donation to Pai Seedlings Foundation and send us an email (dont forget the date and amount) to tell us this is the Biochar Project.

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What’s the problem?

Every year in northern Thailand, 4 million tons of agricultural waste biomass get burned wildly, thus creating a series of problems:

  • Health hazard : thousands of death, tens of thousands of hospitalization, a lung cancer rate 10 times the national average, increased risk of COVID 19 complications;
  • Ecological crisis: drying out the region, loss of biodiversity and soil fertility;
  • Economical loss: the tourism industry, one of the main in the country, dries out for months because of the health hazard… when Thailand is trying to position its market to Health Tourism!

BioChar: the solution

All this biomass from agricultural waste that is being burnt could be easily, and at a very low cost, transformed into Biochar.

Biochar is essentially biomass burnt in the near absence of oxygen, thus sequestrating all the carbon instead of releasing it into the atmosphere. It is a very cheap and low-cost process with multiple benefits:

  • Once stored in the soil, Biochar increase soil fertility, water retention and filtration capacity. The indirect benefit for farmers are higher yields and lower costs;
  • Extra revenue or money-streams for farmers: thanks to the partnership with Task.io and the Biochar Trust, we are setting up a certification process that will make it possible to sell the carbon offsets to polluting industries and support local farmers’ efforts;
  • In northern Thailand alone, agricultural waste from corn reprensents 4 millions tons. That converts into roughly 800 000 kg of biochar or 1.5 million tons of CO² not being thrown into our atmosphere;
  • Less atmospheric pollution means less hospitalization, more tourism, so more locally generated income.

A collaborative effort to empower local farmers


blockchain technology creating tokens for carbon offsets

Pai Seedlings Foundation

Local operator, training, monitoring

BioChar Trust

International experience, certification with US & EU

Warm Heart Foundation


Burn Free

A local initiative and network of no-burn farms in Pai,MHS.