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INTERNSHIP (agriculture or science) – Soil Analysis and Amendment


Project: Land Restoration and Permaculture Farm

The core vision of Pai Seedlings Foundation is Land Restoration through permaculture and agroforestry.  Turning tired rice paddies into a heaven of biodiversity and fertility. We have 5 rai to play and experiment with.

Within this vision lies the mission of producing healthy, nutrient and taste rich food, that nourishes from balanced and living soil while feeding it in a symbiotic manner. The objective is to develop and implement systems that will honour these two missions: 1/ producing enough quality food to sustain the team involved in the project and create abundance to donate to local schools; 2/ recreating soil fertility and biodiversity.

Soil Management:  

Creating healthy soil abundant in the nutrients the different plants need takes time, effort and proper analysis to observe and monitor evolution.

Having a map of the soil composition, qualities and lacks in the different areas of the farm is a massive help to inspire the designs and actions around which the fertility restoration will be successful. It will support a proper planning of concrete actions to implement for a durable impact.

Detailed analysis requires lab tests to measure the concentration of specific nutrients, organic matter and chemicals: this is why we want to work with Universities, and in return offer a beautiful educational playground for their students to support the establishment of a resilient organic agricultural system.

Responsibilities & Objectives

    • Lead a global soil analysis throughout the farm. Map the results (qualities and lacks).
    • Suggest a plan to produce or source the resources that will be needed to amend the soils.
    • Final report will have to present these two aspects.
    • Participate in the routine work around the farm and the workshop/courses to get a holistic vision of what is being created, learn new things and experiment practices.
    • End of internship: Produce a live presentation of your experience and the results of your study to the other members.

Required Qualities

  1. Personal curiosity and motivation to participate in implementing effective agroforestry/permaculture systems. Authentic passion for organic practices are essential.
  2. (Bonus) Understanding of the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy of the late king.
  3. Experience in lab work to realize soil, water and food analysis.
  4. Knowledge of local practices, plants, tools. Fluent in Thai and comfortable in spoken English.
  5. Autonomous and organised. Can work on his own, plan tasks for himself and others and let them know.
  6. Efficient & Responsible. The job gets done, needs are expressed, experience is shared and you can be accountable for his work.

Expected education and/or training and/or experience

  • CMU, Mae Jo University or another agricultural or science faculty of northern Thailand with access to equipped labs.
  • (Bonus) Sufficiency Economy Philosophy.

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