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Who is it for?

What Aspirations can I help you Fulfill?

Do you want to…

Be more proactive in your own well-being ? => boost your physical vitality, find inner peace, enrich your sense of connection, improve your communication, embed spirituality in your everyday life.

Find meaning, purpose and contribution in order to redefine success on your own terms? => assess your busy life, prioritize, reassess your career, manifest your values and dreams.

Recreate an intimate connection to the realm of nature to inspire your contribution and generate active participation in the Environmental Transition.

… Then this might be for you!

We are here to support those who want to make a stand for a brighter tomorrow in which Nature’s abundance and human’s vitality will be honored and respected as sacred.

We are in service of those who seek holistic well-being, clarity of purpose, and impactful contribution for what they believe in.

What core problems can I help you solve?

  1. A fragmented relation to yourself and your environment => stress, anxiety, low energy, lack of reference, feeling of disconnection and disembodiment…
  2. Lack of GPS to navigate life on your own terms => feeling of being lost and expandable, not actively engaged in your own happiness, feeling like your compromising too much…
  3. Helplessness in the face of the global environmental & human crisis => feeling of powerlessness, hesitation, disagreement with the mainstream storytelling…

What Transformation can you expect ?

This is really about you: where are you now and where do you want to take your life? We will start by exploring those fundamental questions to unearth what core dimension of your life we want to focus on: this tends to be either personal, relationships or career.

My work focuses on 3 core areas that will allow you to tap into your deepest truths and manifest your brightest potential in service of your highest causes.

  1. Inner Ecology – set up practices for an effective mindset aligned with the body, the heart and Nature;
  2. Life Mapping – question your needs, identify your values, design your purpose&contribution and define success on your terms;
  3. Natural Wisdom – observe and mimic natural patterns to ensure built-in resilience.

Check out our programs

Get Grounded

10 individual sessions

Inner Ecology

LifeStyle Mapping

Natural Wisdom

Activism Incubator

Self Empowerment Introduction

4 individual sessions

Value Based Lifestyle

Shadow work


please contact damien.masselis@mailfence.com for details

Why not give it a try?

Want to know more? Please book a 1:1 call with me :

  1. 30 min ‘The REAL Agreement Call’ : find out what working with me entails: type of coaching, prices, etc…
  2. 90min ‘Discovery Call’ : this is a real coaching session to give you an idea of what working with me looks like from the inside.