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Introduction to Self Empowerment

Special Christmas discount to offer your close ones a chance to start 2021 with a strong intention to take better care of themselves.

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It’s soon Christmas and New Year’s Eve, a moment of the year we naturally feel inclined to assess our achievements, make new commitments for the year to come, and offer our close ones meaningful presents as a token of our love for them.

Are you looking for something very special for your partner, your parents or children, or for a close friend? Are you tired of buying ‘stuff’ and want something more relevant and personal? What if you could offer them a life changing experience, a unique opportunity to dive within themselves to unearth their potential and dreams?

A friend once asked me how I would finish that sentence: ‘The world would be a better place if…’ I often remind myself of that question and here’s how I want to answer today: ‘The world would be a better if… we all knew how to author our own lives’.

My resolution for 2021 is to be of service for those who are ready to make a stand in their life: to be proactive in their wellbeing, to be engaged for what they believe in, to be present for what matters to them.

As a Christmas offer I have designed a program: Introduction to Self Empowerment,  a 4 session one-to-one coaching program through which we will explore how to define a life based on values, how to deal with our limitations, and how to define success and contribution for ourselves, in order to:

  • Identify what we want from life,
  • Set strong intentions
  • Define routine practices that will support our evolution.

It is chance to discover practical tools of self-exploration and Inner Ecology. Don’t miss that opportunity to offer your loved ones a present that is truly about them and that will help them manifest what they truly want in their lives.


Four one-to-one coaching sessions (1h30min) held weekly or biweekly on the following themes:

  1. Get related: we’ll talk about your life, my coaching style, and unearth a dimension of your life that you want to feel more alive;
  2. Value based living: we will identify your core values and explore how they can help you magnify your life and/or support you in challenging times. What do you stand for?
  3. Shadow Self: we will question the role of beliefs in shaping our reality and get some basic tools on how to deal with your limiting beliefs. How are my thoughts shaping my reality and what can I do about it?
  4. Contribution and Success: we will help you find out what it is you want to stand for in your life, and what contribution you want to make in your life. What does success look like on my own term?

Professional handouts to support your journey, including:

  • Relevant readings
  • Exercises and routine practices to keep the momentum between sessions and empower you everyday (30-60min/week).