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Get Grounded Program

A 10 weeks program for those who want to find the strength to stand for what they believe in.

Who is it for ?

People who want to be proactive in relation to their holistic wellbeing:

Explore your holistic being (physical, emotional, mental, communicational, spiritual…) and define effective routine practices to boost your physical vitality, find inner peace, enrich your sense of connection and communication, and embed spirituality in your everyday life.

People who are in a quest for meaning, purpose and contribution in order to redefine success on their own terms

This may lead to career reassessment, prioritization or engaging in new activities to manifest specific aspirations and values. This could also mean developping mindfulness and presence in order to magnify the felt presence of our immediate experience.

People who love Nature, Mother Earth & Humans

and want to find a sense of intimate connection and contribution so that they can be actively participating in the Great Environmental Transition.

What transformation can you expect ?


By integrating multiple dimensions of the self (physical, emotional, mental, communicational, spiritual) and finding inspiration in various traditions and practices (from the ancestral shamans to the new age yogis), we will explore your holistic well-being and craft routine practices that will support and nourish your vitality and the quality of your relationships to yourself, others and Mother Nature.

This is fundamental grounding work to nourish the rest of your process.


By exploring your fundamental values, questioning your core needs&desires, identifying the relevant dimension of your life and unearthing what life is asking of you, we will craft an intimate life map that honors what is most important to you and redefine the standards of your own success and contributions.


By drawing from Nature’s wisdom and your Work&Lifestyle balance, we will identify ways in which you can intimately relate to Nature, deepen you sense of connectedness, and explore empowering solutions for you to actively manifest your care for a healthy planet and humanity.

A program for you, about you

While you may feel inspired by the program overview (see below), remember that this program if FOR you and ABOUT YOU.

We will start our relation by exploring a dimension of your life that you want to magnify or work on: this could be about yourself, about one of your core relationships, about your career or project. Anything that feels most relevant to you.

We may decide to stick to this for the length of the program, or you may, at some point, decide to change your focus.

This is your decision to make. Although I introduce a program and methodology, I am here first and foremost to be present to your needs and to meet you where you are.

Program Overview

Please note that the information below in indicative: I place an emphasis on presence over process, which means I will check in with you at the start of each session to see where you are, and whether the proposed process is relevant here and now, or if there are more important matters you want to address within our relationship at this stage.


Please send an email to lifestyledesign@seedlings-foundation.org to discuss the details and price of the program, or book a session here: