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Beekeeping @ Seedlings Farm

Here’s a short video of our first honey harvest in 2019. We were blessed with 15 kg of delicious dark honey that took us throughtout the year as sole medicine!

Thanks to our friend Sebastian from Chile who volunteered last year at the farm and edited the video!

We have moved the bee hives and installed supper for honey production a couple of months ago, just before we left and got stuck on Koh Chang. We hope they are doing fine.

BSFL Composter @ Blue Lagoon (Koh Chang) – Tutorial/DIY

COVID19 lockdown on Koh Chang – part 2.

The aquaponic system has been fixed and is working. What next? Well to close the loop we need to do something about the only externality that’s left: the fish food.

You can download our tutorial pdf here with some useful information about BSFL and how to start your BSFL composter!

BSFL – super food for your animals

Gran-Pa has been harvesting worms right from the compost bin and feeding them to the fish, so we decided to optimize the system! Let’s turn the compost bin into a Black Soldier Fly Larvae Composter (auto-harvesting please)! The idea: turn wood waste from the Blue Lagoon’s restaurant into nutrient rich larvaes for the fish/chicken/ducks, and awesome fertilizer (solid and liquid) for the organic garden!

While the design could largely be improved, we’re proud to say its total cost was 0 thb!

Aquaponics @ Blue Lagoon (Koh Chang) – Tutorial/DIY

You can download our tutorial pdf to learn more about aquaponics (facts, & practical information) and how to start your own.

We weren’t planning on spending so much time at the Blue Lagoon Resort on koh Chang, Thailand, just a few weeks volunteering. And then the COVID19 lock down happened, we got stuck here… so we played Aquaponics! What can you do in this context that is more meaningful than developping systems for food resilience?

The system had been designed and built by Jo and his volunteers in February. Beautiful design built around fish tanks that had been here for a while. What a great way to improve something! But the bell siphons in the two flood tables didn’t function, so the whole system was stalled : no oxygen in the media beds meant bacterias couldn’t grow, nutrients werent being transformed, plants weren’t getting fed, and the water was accumulating ammoniac that would endanger the fish…

So we fixed it! We arranged the fish tanks to have higher density of fish (and droppings), installed a solid waster vertical filter (with drain valve), fixed both bell-siphons, twicked it here and there… and organized a workshop for volunteers of the DooDD Project and the Blue Lagoon’s team to understand the system, its potential, and how to maintain it.

Thanks to Lyse from Seedlings Foundation for her great video, the first of many tutorials and DIY videos to come!

This is what we do ! Video Presentation

Pai Seedlings Foundation – Presentation

Thank you Lyse for the great presentation video! 🙂