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The Regenerative Farmers Cooperative is a 5 years project launched in November 2022 in collaboration with the Ecca Family Foundation and 16 farmers around Pai.

Christian & Koko from the Ecca Family Foundation with Damien & Lyse from Pai Seedlings Foundation


We believe that ecological regeneration, social/community development and economic opportunities can and should be weaved together.

By engaging the local populations in the restoration effort of their agricultural soils in their remote villages of Vieng Nua and Muang Noi (Mae Hong Son province, Thailand), we will develop a production of high quality produces to supply the growing number of eco-conscious consummers in Pai, Chiang Mai and Bangkok.

This will require the implementation of a creative business model, and the participation of various actors such as local government agencies and business owners.

It is the implementation of a vision that goes from the farm and the producers to the plate and the consumers that we are relentlessly pursuing.


  1. Ecological: regenerate 3 hac of heavily degraded agricultural land: establish water management system, restore soil biology and fertility, re-establish ecological functions and benefits.
  2. Economic: develop and implement a business model owned and controlled by the local farmers to based on high value added top quality produce and products.
  3. Social: focus on healthy production for families and communities first, offer training opportunities, and free consulting help local families develop their activity in and around natural agriculture.

Our Support Network

In collaboration with the Ecca Family Foundation and in cooperation with the farmers, we have designed a support network to address made of farmers, soil experts, business owners and developers, marketing experts, etc… because we believe in creating an ecosystem to make change sustainable.

  1. Income: the farmers will make an income for engaging in the good agricultural practices, taking part in weekly training programs and regenerating their land.
  2. Debt free: we are also actively helping farmers get rid of the agricultural debt they contracted from working for the agro-industry. We believe this is a key point to allow them to engage in a long term change of practices.
  3. Material support: we are investing in tools and small appropriate machines for individuals farmers and for the cooperative to support their production capacity: water systems, seeds, ponds, small machines, etc…
  4. Education, training & consulting with our soil and ecosystems restoration experts.
  5. Marketing & business: walking free from big agro-industry is great, but in order to be successful we need develop and implement maketing channels, create a brand and partnerships that will encourage the farmers and make a lasting difference.


We are currently working with 12 families from Muang Noi village and 4 families in Vieng Nua and are open to more applications of :

  • local farmers interested to transition to regenerative farming;
  • local businesses who want to support our cause;