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This is a project in collaboration with many actors in northern Thailand to provide solutions to the smoke pollution caused by agricultural-burning practices across Thailand.

Burn Free Thailand
Warm Heart Foundation Chiang Mai

What’s the problem?

It is time to change the attitude and behavior of farmers and the farming industry, and those that turn their back on the issue of smoke pollution caused by agricultural-burning practices across Thailand.

Agricultural and forest land burning is now the main cause of respiratory illness and other smoke-related diseases leading to poor quality of life and shorter life expectancy.

Pollution-causing crop ‘burn-off’ farming practices helps farms meet their financial targets and ensures greater profits for the agricultural industry, but at what cost to human health?

Due to increasingly higher PM2.5 particle levels each year, we are now at a much higher risk of:

• Respiratory illness

• Smoke-related mental and physical illness, including depression

• Severe complications and even death from COVID19 infection

• Exacerbation of pre-existing conditions, leading to higher mortality rates

What’s our solution?

Biochar can transform the pollution problem into a soil fertility solution!

TLUD Gasifier?

Top Lit Up Draft Gasifier are very simple designs of ovens to cook wood into biochar without losing any of the carbon matter: no smoke, no pollution!

What do we do with the biochar?

The biochar obtained is then soaked with cow manure to inoculate it. Its high porosity allows for bacterias to grow and colonize. After 3 weeks it is crush and added to the soil:

  • Helps store water in the soil (dry season)
  • Improve drainage and soil structure (wet season)
  • Feeds the soil (slow release carbon and rich in beneficial microorganisms)
  • Keeps the soil alie, thus improving its carbon sequestration capacity.

What’s the vision for Pai?

Our aim @Seedlings Foundation is to develop the low tech component and to partner with Task.io and Warm Heart Foundation to disseminate it!


Matthew Rickard and his team have developed the blockchain tool that will allow farmers who transform their agricultural waste into biochar to sell it to companies that need to offset their CO2 emissions, thus actually earning money for their good practice!

Warm Heart Foundation

Warm Heart Foundation is working hard to design and implement a certification process. Once this step is done, we will be in a position to disseminate the technology and tools to many farms around northern Thailand.

What can YOU do?

You can support this process with your time and/or donations. It costs about 100USD to build a TLUD gasifier, that can turn more than 100kg of organic matter into biochar every day!

Every 100usd donation can help A local farmer engage in this process!