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The main objective of this project is to install hives and bees on the farm. The interest of pollinators in our garden and on our farms is well established. They are nothing less than essential to the maintenance of life on earth since one-third of the world’s food depends on the pollinating fauna (science magazine of 22 January 2016)! Without bees and pollinating insects, the reproduction of many plants is endangered. Harvests of many fruits and vegetables (carrots, tomatoes, squash & zucchini, beans …), cereals (black wheat …), and many other agricultural commodities still would disappear … In short, not only bees contribute to agricultural production hundreds of crops, but they also make it possible to improve the harvest in quantity (up to 30% more productivity according to a publication of the famous science magazine of January 22, 2016), in quality, and in regularity, whether on the farm or in our garden gardens … As if their role pollinator was not enough, bees also have the double function of being excellent auxiliaries to help us regulate the undesirable present in our cultures by regulating their populations … In addition to all these services, honey bees provide us with a formidable product for our health: honey, which has many medicinal uses (healing, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory) as well as culinary (an excellent substitute for sugar). The problem is that today, these insects disappear in number and diversity everywhere, and all our survival and our crops is threatened … We are in a hurry! Despite the attempts of some to use robots or humans for pollination, we will never be able to equal in quantity and quality the free work of these generous insects …

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