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This project aims to install 30 beehives in different farms around Pai Valley to support local agriculture (pollination), farmers (higher yield, extra income) and develop a high quality honey production (100% pure and made in Pai).


  1. Bees play a major role in the ecosystem’s resilience and maintaining a rich biodiversity. They are responsible for a third of the world’s food production (no less than 150 billion dollars!). They are also excellent auxiliaries to help regulate the populations of undesirable insects in our cultures.
  2. Bees can increase food production up to 35% when introduced in small farms (Science magazine, January 2016) which makes them the main factor for successful farming, aside from quality soil and fertilizer.
  3. Honey has many health benefits and can represent extra income for farmers.
  4. Bees can also be a tourist attraction for farms already involved in agro/eco-tourism.


The destruction of our natural environment and the ever growing pollution is making it hard for bees to survive, and we are seeing their population drop drastically everywhere in the world. It has come to a point where some Chinese farmers have to pollinate fruit trees by hand or using robots! And the less bees, the faster the natural ecosystems collapses into a vicious circle.

It is nothing short of a matter of survival for life on earth that we do our part to protect bees.

Spreading knowledge and training new beekeepers is one way, while developing natural farms is another. This is what we practice at Pai Seedlings Foundation.


  1. Produce honey of high quality to sell in local markets and partner hotels.
  2. Create employment through the development of a new economic activity in Pai and then Mae Hong Son province.
  3. Support local agriculture and natural ecosystems.


A self-financed pilot project was successfully led in the beginning 2018: two beekeepers have followed a training and received their official state diploma and are now taking care of 5 hives at Pai Seedlings Foundation.

With 30 hives the harvest of honey will generate enough income to support all the project’s costs, train and employ more beekeepers and pay for further investments to expand the project and/or finance new projects.

We need to raise 400.000THB to see this development project come true. You can support us by making a donation here.


We organize weekly workshops to discover the fascinating world of bees and beekeeping. Please contact us for more details, or visit the workshop page.


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