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Start : September 2020

Duration: 3 months (with possibility of extending to 6 months or 1 year)

Location: Pai, Mae Hong Son, Northern Thailand.


Project: Land Restoration

2019-20 has been a major year as we have finally moved to live on the farm and hosted a lot of workshops and courses. The veg gardens are in place, the food forest is on its way, the low techs are being twicked…

With a strategic focus (Damien&Lyse) leaning towards hosting more educational events (workshops, courses, retreats…) and creating partnerships to sustain our organization, the team needs someone to support the land restoration/farm project.

The goal of the Land Restoration project for 2020 is to properly maintain what has already been done and to expand the area of food being grown.

Responsibilities & Objectives

  1. FARMING – collaborate with Lyse:
    • Perform regular maintenance tasks : weeding, watering, brushcutting, composting, EM, fetching manure and composting material from inside and outisde the farm …
    • Support Lyse with physical farm work : moving soil, digging, building…
  1. DIYer – collaborate with Damien:
    • Support in using and maintaining the low techs around the farm : perform fixes if needed.
    • Research and/or design and/or help Damien with new systems that will support the resilient effort.
  1. TEAM WORK :
    • Make sure tools are properly maintained and in their right place in the toolshed.
    • Organize and animate a weekly community gardening day.
    • Document what is being done :
      • Necessary for immigration reporting
      • Useful for the Visual Content Manager to create content to be shared.
      • Set up a task-board to make it easier for other team members (and short term volunteers and visitors) to know what has to be done.

Required Qualities

  1. Personal curiosity in all the different projects happening at the farm and motivation to understand, learn and share.
  2. Physically fit and strong : the job requires heavy tasks such as caring heavy loads, working outdoors and in the sun, etc.
  3. Creative : while there are a lot of things we already know how to do, you’ll be expected to be creative in finding solutions and making decisions.
  4. Autonomous and organised. You can work on your own, plan tasks for yourself and others and let them know.
  5. Team player. You’ll be expected to work with a lot of different people on numerous projects: you will have to be able to get along with everyone to understand what it is they do and why. You’ll have to be able to look out for people within or without the team to complete the skills you’ll need to perform the job.
  6. Efficient & Responsible. The job gets done, needs are expressed, experience is shared and you can be accountable for your work.

Expected education and/or training and/or experience

  • Education or strong experience in agroforestry and/or agro ecology.
  • Education or experience in Permaculture.

Experience preferred but we are also keen to work with recently graduated people to offer them a first job experience in the field of NGOs and spark some interest in the Ecologic Transition.