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Damien’s story into coaching & consulting

I studied business and management but was left with a dreading sense that something core was missing from my education. So I went travelling in Asia for a year as an initiatory journey in search of meaning, purpose and a sense of belonging. Thanks to Buddhism, Mysticism and an intimacy with the Wildnerness I have been offered a chance to switch paradigm and find everything I had been longing for… and so much more!

I’ve been actively engaged in environmental education and activism for the last 10 years in various projects that have culminated in the creation of a Non-Profit Organisation, Pai Seedlings Foundation, a playground for a collective exploration of sustainable and regenerative lifestyles. The experience gathered over these 10 years in what I offer in the Consulting services aimed at individuals and companies wanting to curate and implement the right tools for their ecofriendly transition.

In the Coaching Service, my desire is to be in service of individuals who are navigating the inner challenges of going into transition . The core question to explore is: how we can use the principles of regenerative ecosystems to heal ourselves and societies. This work that I call EcoCentric Lifestyle Design is inspired by Inner Ecology and offers a practical and holistic approach to being alive.


What is Ecocentric LifeStyle Design?

EcoCentric: finding inspiration in the principles of nature and ecology. Meaning, purpose, contribution and wisdom all emerge from Nature, within and without.

LifeStyle: taking conscious consideration of all the relevant elements of our lives (health, family & relationships, career & finance, leisure & dreams, etc.) and the multiple dimensions of Being (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, etc.)

Design: active participation in aligning our Being (essence) and our Doing (function) and in creating cohesion between all the elements of our Lifestyle.

EcoCentric LifeStyle Design is based on 2 core assumptions:

  • The almighty power of Mother Nature;
  • The infinite creative power of Humans.

At the junction of honoring Nature’s principles (Permaculture) and Human Creativity (Empowerment) lies a field of harmonious contribution where we can deepen our sense of well-being and create in ways that fulfill our highest aspirations while regenerating our environments and life’s capacity to strive.

This is my sweet spot: actively engaging from that Effective Perspective of doing good for ourselves, others, and the Earth.

My role as a Lifestyle Design coach :

You are the main actor and author of your life: through deep questioning, methodology, and creative tools I can support you in identifying what you most want in your life and how you can manifest it!

  • INNER ECOLOGY: deepen your awareness, magnify your experience of life and develop healthy routines in order to find wellbeing;
  • LIFE MAPPING: identify your values, define your needs, explore your passions&skills in order to align your lifestyle with your purpose and contribution;
  • NATURAL WISDOM: facilitate a reconnection to the patterns of nature to guarantee that your quest for happiness meets resilience and also translates into a healthier planet.

Check out our Programs!

Get Grounded (signature)

  • 10 individual sessions
  • Inner Ecology: explore values, wellbeing, practices…
  • Lifestyle Mapping: GPS, visioning, mapping…
  • Natural Wisdom

Work That Reconnects

  • Group Work
  • Activism Incubator
  • Gratitude
  • Honoring our Pain
  • Seeing with new eyes
  • Going forth
  • inspired by Joanna Macy’s work

Ecologic Ethos for Business

  • Business and Entrepreneurs
  • Question the ecological validity of your business model
  • Design an ethos that serves your needs and the environment.

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