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Ecocentric Lifestyle Design

Ecocentric Lifestyle Design is an active practice of aligning and grounding ourselves in natural patterns in order to maximize our integral wellbeing and our contribution to ourselves, others, and the world. Basically what we’re trying to achieve is to be happier and healthier while also regenerating the Earth.

– Regenerate yourself, regenerate the Earth –


Do you have a professional project you dream of? A dream of changing your life to be more sustainable and resilient?

Do you want to do something to support the ecological transition but don’t know what or how to do it?

We offer our 10+ years of practical experience as serial entrepreneurs and change-makers in the field of environmental transition to help you kick-start your project.

Whether you are in need of inspiration or technical advice, we have what you need!

Contact us to book a call and explore how we could work together: damien@seedlings-foundation.org


There are many hurdles to jump over to make a successful transition in our lives, and not all of them are technical.

Engaging with people over the years has taught us that the main blocage we face when wanting to change our lives and become part of an active solution is… US! Yes our outdated beliefs, limiting thought patterns, emotional blockages, and unresolved trauma: this is what we need to overcome so as to transform our lives!

Lyse and Damien are both trained and experienced life coaches. Check their personal websites to learn more:

Damien’s Eco-centric coaching&consulting: www.damienmasselis.com

Lyse’s holistic coaching: www.lysekong.net