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Ecocentric Lifestyle Design

Ecocentric Lifestyle Design is an active practice of aligning and grounding ourselves in natural patterns in order to maximize our integral wellbeing and our contribution to ourselves, others, and the world. Basically what we’re trying to achieve is to be happier and healthier while also regenerating the Earth.

– Regenerate yourself, regenerate the Earth –

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  • Consulting low techs and design
  • Inner Ecology
  • Get Grounded Program
  • Work that Reconnects Program
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  • English & French
  • Consulting Permaculture
  • Created Spirit of Seeds Online Program
  • Conscious Parenting
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What is Ecocentric LifeStyle Design?

EcoCentric: finding inspiration in the principles of nature and ecology. Meaning, purpose, contribution and wisdom all emerge from Nature, within and without.

LifeStyle: taking conscious consideration of all the relevant elements of our lives (health, family & relationships, career & finance, leisure & dreams, etc.) and the multiple dimensions of Being (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, etc.)

Design: active participation in aligning our Being (essence) and our Doing (function) and in creating cohesion between all the elements of our Lifestyle.


Whether we decide to take a prescriptive (program based) or intuitive approach to our coaching sessions, this work will always be about YOU.

The core focus of this work is to expand your consciousness of who you are, your Being, in order to magnify your creation, your Doing.

For this we will use qualities of presence, curiosity and deep inquiry to help you birth a better you.


This approach will focus on a project, personal or professional, for which you may need our personal experience.

Making a transition for a more sustainable lifestyle requires to engage in a serious assessment of what we have and what we need in order to select and design the right solutions for us.

For this we will use our design skills and draw from our long experience to help you avoid the most common mistakes and save time&money!

To know what is best for you, please reach out for a discovery session and we will start by assessing your needs.



Inner Ecology, Life Mapping, Natural Wisdom, Family dynamics…

Our journey is one of exploration, commitment and service. This way to learn more!

Who is it for?

Problems, Aspirations, Transformations… If you are wondering what’s in for you and what you can get out of working with us, follow this link!


Coaching 1:1, group programs… everything you need to know to choose what’s right for you!

With more than 15 years of direct personal experience in spiritual life transition, more than 10 years of environmental activism that saw the creation of our own eco-education center in northern Thailand (Pai Seedlings Foundation), and a growing experience in coaching and consulting, we feel well equipped to support those who, like us, want to make a difference in their life.

Now is time to manifest and embody what we want for our lives, for our planet, and for future generations.

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Want to know more? You’re just a couple of clicks away from a 1:1 discovery call!

This is a real coaching session to give you an idea of what working with me looks like from the inside: we’ll learn more about each other, identify a core area of your life on which you want to gain clarity and explore together what benefits could come out of a collaboration.