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Project: Land Restoration and Permaculture Farm

The core vision of Pai Seedlings Foundation is Land Restoration through permaculture and agroforestry.  Turning tired rice paddies into a heaven of biodiversity and fertility. We have 5 rai to play and experiment with.

Within this vision lies the mission of producing healthy, nutrient and taste rich food, that nourishes from balanced and living soil while feeding it in a symbiotic manner. The objective is to develop and implement systems that will honour these two missions: 1/ producing enough quality food to sustain the team involved in the project and create abundance to donate to local schools; 2/ recreating soil fertility and biodiversity.

Farm Management:  

The farm manager will have the responsibility to implement and oversee the maintenance of the whole production, and run operations on a daily basis. He uses his knowledge of local plants and growing periods to plan the production, he is organised with his tools and teammates, he is able with his hands and comfortable with tools, he loves being out in the farm and share his passion and skills.

Managing such a farm takes many roles such as:

  • Design and implementation with Lyse and Damien.
    • Preparing soil: composting, worm-compost, making garden beds, etc…
    • Preparing natural fertilizers: compost, EM, worm tea, anti-bug sprays…
    • Planting: seeds, seedlings, trees, plants associations…
    • Maintenance: pruning, weeding, brushcutting, mulching, watering, composting…
    • Harvesting: fruits, vegetables, seeds, organic material, wood…
    • Tools maintenance.

Responsibilities & Objectives

    1. Designing and implementing a production-system of diversified organic food (fruits, vegetables, herbs, eggs…) to feed the people working and living at the farm, and create surplus for the local schools. The produce could also be transformed to cook products from the farm to sell on the tourist markets.
    1. Planning, organizing and running the farm related operations on a daily basis.
    1. Objective: within one year be able to produce enough food to feed the team (4-5 people on daily basis), the groups during courses, and make some donations to the village’s two schools.
    • Makes sure all areas of the farm are well maintained, clean, that all the tools are in condition and working.
    • Fixing what needs to be fixed.
    • Creates a garden that is not only nourishing but pleasant to all our senses.
    • Design and nice plan of the farm and a board to keep track of all ongoing tasks and projects around the farm. As there will be a lot of people coming through with different timelines, this will be very practical to lead them co-work together with efficiency.
    • Participates in the workshops and courses, lead groups (thai & English) around the farm and organise/facilitate activities related to what’s going on now in the gardens.
    • Keep track of what’s being planted, water, harvested produced and done in the garden. Take pictures to show ongoing changes.

Required Qualities

  1. Experience in farming and strong personal motivation to implement agroforestry/permaculture systems. Curiosity and an authentic passion for organic practices are essential.
  2. Understanding of the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy of the late king.
  3. Knowledge of local practices, plants, tools. Fluent in Thai and comfortable in spoken English.
  4. Autonomous and organised. Can work on his own, plan tasks for himself and others and let them know.
  5. Efficient & Responsible. The job gets done, needs are expressed, experience is shared and you can be accountable for his work.

Expected education / training / experience (bonus)

  • CMU, Mae Jo University or another agricultural faculty of northern Thailand.
  • Sufficiency Economy Philosophy.

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